I wish I could jump off and fly to the end of the sky


Tonight my heart is swollen with tears that I can no longer hold in. How can I stay strong when the strongest woman that I know is breaking into pieces before my eyes, and there is no way to stop it. If there was anything I could do to bring her strength back, I would do it. I love her so much. This woman has never onced refused to help and give to any of her grand children, 4 daughters, 4 sons and many great grand children. This strong woman will always be strong, in her mind and soul. But her body betrays her. She wants so much to walk, run, dance and be free… but she cannot. My heart is broken and the only thing that can put it back together is her laughter and her smile. I wish those two things would still be something that I see often like when I was a child. But today, all I see is a woman who no longer wants to smile because she cannot be the same active person who she once used to be. I promise I will make you laugh again Popo. I love you very much.

Not one minute of sleep.


‘melting men’ installation by Nele Azevedo

Brazilian Artist Nele Azevado carved 1,000 figures out of ice on the steps of Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt Square. It was made to raise awareness about the rising sea-levels due to to melting ice.

(Source: machine-factory)

Tryin’ to only remember the goods and not the bads

Tryin’ to only remember the goods and not the bads

Sometimes I feel like you’re the only one i can talk to. You understand me like others don’t. Even though it may seem like I don’t trust you at some moments of our lives, I want you to know that deep down you are one of the few that I trust the most. I don’t know if you know, but I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are lovable, loyal, handsome and beautiful inside out. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I look forward to every single new, and old experience together.

Love you forever B